Meet Julie

"It has always intrigued me to view our bodies as our companions on our life journey and that there is a constant and unique flow of communication – we need to be in tune with that language."

In 2004 when I first became a parent, I began a journey in search of a deeper connection to my body and emotions. I have always been interested in learning the "language" our bodies use to communicate with us. Until we tune in to that language we are missing vital clues on how to create a more fulfilling physical experience.

I have experience in Nutrition after having co-founded a health snack company and following a clean lifestyle. Training and teaching The Nia Technique allowed me personal body insight and how to assist others to connect to their Physical body. Parenting two girls has kept me constantly in touch with the intricate world of Emotions.

My exposure to many forms of Somatic Psychology has allowed wonderful insight into the Mental realms.

Exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine has provided me with a unique philosophy on energy and healing.

In 2015 I began a new journey of understanding body communication through studying Specialised Kinesiology. All of this experience has combined to create unlimited resources to utilize to facilitate Body Stress Insight.

My goal is always to provide a consistently loving and safe space committed to truthful expression and honest communication, creating upliftment through healing energy that resonates with harmony, insight and wisdom.

Connect With Me

If you would like to deepen the connection between your Body and Mind, need more information, or have any questions, please get in touch via phone, email or by sending me a message via the form.