What to expect from a Body Balance

Our bodies are stimulated in countless ways throughout the day. Sometimes however, our systems become overloaded and the signals between the body and mind become unclear. The stimulation then becomes stressful and is manifested by our nervous system with anxiety and tension. This can create a blockage in our energy that builds until it manifests emotionally or as physical symptoms of pain, food sensitivities, relationship issues, learning difficulties and much more.

You will lie or sit on a massage table, in comfortable clothing while I assess a sequence of arm and leg muscles to get an initial indication of how effective the energy flow is. When communication between the body and brain does not flow, there is a change of muscle response. Through a series of questions, whilst testing the muscle, I will be able to identify the areas to focus on.

Together we will discover where you need support and what your body needs to you thrive. Depending on the issue, your body may need a vertebrae on your spine to be rubbed or you may need insight, a change of perspective or information. I may suggest that a specific type of movement, action, supplement, nutrition or essence may be advantageous for you.


With strengthened neurological connections, your body clearly indicates what it needs to return to a balanced state. Everyone can benefit from understanding and strengthening the connection between the body, our emotions and our brains. A balance gently brings awareness to the body and mind which allows for our innate healing and stress release abilities to awaken.

The gift of insightful perspective allows me to work with clients of any age or level of body awareness and guide them to a level of understanding and empowerment.

Children and adults that struggle with any form of learning disorders, negative behavioural patterns or brain dominance dis-function (ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD) can reignite their neurological pathways. Chronic pain sufferers respond well because often prolonged pain is heightened by muscular tension which may be triggering more pain.
We often have an idea of what we need to live a more balanced and joyful life. With Body Insight you will understand the unique language of your body which will empower you to follow your inner guidance.

Body Stress Insight Facilitation assists with:
  • - Anxiety and Depression
  • - Emotional Understanding and Guidance
  • - Digestive Wellness
  • - Physical Movement Enhancement
  • - Posture Analysis
  • - Breathing Techniques
  • - Pain Management

Connect With Me

If you would like to deepen the connection between your Body and Mind, need more information, or have any questions, please get in touch via phone, email or by sending me a message via the form.